Training hard for the 7th Kyu




We have been back at the Dojo for a few weeks now, just couldn’t upload due to internet problems. Designed the above header in the interim.
The injury lasted just over a month, thank goodness it was just a bad sprain and not broken, training hard to get fit again. I have put on a few pounds from the lack of excersice.

It is so weird how your toe can affect your balance, your speed and power, bottom line – dont get injured đŸ™‚

We have been going over our kata’s and grading forms, building upon the last grading forms, adding more complex moves and sequences until we get to the next level of our matial arts training. The sequence of moves that we are compiling is become more complex, but after a period of time I am sure they will start  to feel like second nature. We are putting 6-8 sequences together, when we started we were doing 1-3, so we have definitely improved on that front.

We had a session of “sticky hands” this is where you start to develop skills to feel you opponent his movements, to anticipate his movement, misdirect him through your own movments. We are still on a very basic level with this, but I can see how this is going to be a super exciting part of our Martial Arts training.
On the 1st December we will be grading for the Dojo, Griffin will be grading for his 8th Kyu( yellow Belt) and I will be grading for my 7th Kyu( Orange Bet). I am priviliged to have made it this far, and hope that I can continue further, since the time I have started till now, I can see a major difference in what I have learnt.

Till next time, keep training.






4 thoughts on “Training hard for the 7th Kyu

  1. Lucy says:

    Lol for ur injuries,try not to train so hard thou.

  2. Shakira says:

    Welcome back Marra son!

  3. tjaart says:

    Good training

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