Our second tournament

We had our annual Funakoshi International Karate tournament on the 1st June  2013 at the Molteno farm in Grabouw.

The day was a bit too cold for my liking but a great time was had by all. We started off with a demonstration from the senior students _great to see a well coordinated demonstration in martial arts.

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Griffin and myself started our day with a weapons demonstration (nunchaka’s ) we did exceptional as the nunchakas is a very advanced weapon

After we did our demonstration it was time for the unison Katas -this is when 2 or more people have to do a kata as one, it becomes more difficult the more people that are involved.


Then we had the junior girls kata.


Then it was the boys junior Kata


Then it was the senior Kata


I got a gold medal for this event and silver in the kumite.

Then it was time for the kumite



Gold medal for Griffin


Griffin and his friends




Ally also won a prize at the tournament

A super cool day at the Karate


Remember to keep training, anything worthwhile takes time and effort



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